+50° 53′ 29.99″, +5° 57′ 43.15″


Client: Private initiative, inter alia J. Westra
Location: Heerlen, The Netherlands
Surface: Inapplicable
Year: 2008
Special details: None


In 1986, a severe storm raged over the Netherlands. During this storm, a number of 200-year old oak trees where blown down (in a park in Vught). Diederik Rasker the former administrator of the park bought several trunks and had them sawn into planks. Twenty-two years later I helped him with the restoration of his house and his garden. We processed the oak wood in various places like: cabinets, shelves, floors and stairs as well as in the garden as entrance doors. At the end of 2008, the construction of his house was ready and there were still some planks left witch had deep cracks and much sapwood.

In this period I just moved to Arnhem, the living room missed a dining table. I took one of the left over oak planks as baseline situation and had to design a pedestal and barstools. Due to limited space I made a design that minimizes the space. The base pedestal consists out of flared pieces of short iron. I specially used ‘solid iron’ so that the pedestal matched with the solidness of the oak plate. The barstools are not made out of small pieces of iron, but instead consist out of one solid s-shape, so that the silhouette of the pedestal design distinguishes itself from the barstools.